Team Week

Hello Soaring Eagles!

Thanks for all of your efforts in Team Week! We appreciate YOU! Several of you earned the silicone form and t-shirt!  Way to GO!

This is FINISH STRONG WEEK!  We are doing a back to back challenge!  You want a minimum of $100 this week and one standard party week 1 of Record Breaker (September 28th-October 4th).  You WANT to do this…..just saying!  Check out the attachment below.

IF we could give you one tidbit on submitting orders, ENTER EARLY, don’t wait until the last minute on Friday night. If you have issues and it’s too late to get help, you miss out on the “deals” and so do your customers.

8:00 P.M. tonight we are doing a Zoom.  Download the Zoom app right away if you don’t have it.  We are sharing MPA (money producing activities). You don’t want to miss out on this.


Elda and LeRoy Hanson 

Business Leaders

Chairman Summit Award Earners
Seal of Excellence 2018
4th Quarter #2 Highest % Increase
Developing New Leaders in Force 2B Region