Current Samples & Sales Aids


Sampling Program Overview

huge Tupperware perk is the sampling program. This allows you to purchase Tupperware at 50-75% off, which you can keep for yourself, sell, give away or any combo you’d like.

Each month, towards the end of the SALES month (which always ends on the last Friday of the month), the new samples will be released. The list can be found on the home page of your website, in the Salesforce Website section.

Once the list is released, and you want to buy samples, you start a NON PARTY and add your samples on an order all by themselves. Add a second order (within the same non-party) for your sales aids such as catalogs, sales brochures, tiny treasures, etc.

Additionally, as the new samples are added to the system at midnight ET, the previous samples will remain in the system until midnight CDT … this means on a roll over night you have access to multiple sample lists! We call this “Double Dipping” as you can enjoy goodies from two (or more) sales flyers!

Setting it up this way will cap your shipping charges, no matter how much you order – Thanks Tupperware!

After your samples arrive…

Take your samples to your parties so people can see/touch the items from the sales brochure before ordering. Once the sales brochure is finished, you can sell them at full retail under cash and carry.

And you get the sales credit!

The last perk of sampling is the sales credit. You will receive sales credit equal to what is will be sold for in the sales brochure – not what you pay for it. So, if there’s $100 item going on sale for $60, we would sample it for around $40, but receive $60 in sales credit! This counts just like you’d sold something to a customer, so these sales will help you achieve sales goals, Confident Start awards, and sales volume bonuses.

I highly recommend you take advantage of sampling whenever possible – but the key is to sample what you need for your kitchen or what you can sell for a big profit. It doesn’t do any good for you or your business to be sitting on your inventory forever.