Welcome to Tupperware!

Welcome to Tupperware and Soaring Eagle Sales! We are excited to have you on the team! Whether you joined Tupperware for the product discount or if you joined Tupperware to have you own business on your terms, we are committed to help you become as successful as you wish to be in this business!

If you just now signed up then your business kit should take about 5 business days to arrive. In the meantime, there are many things that you can be doing to get started!  Please see the information below:

Set up your Tupperware Account & Website:

As a new consultant you can set up a Tupperware website right now where people can shop online.  Take a look at the different packages here and choose the one you would like, if you want people to be able to shop on your website choose Plus or above. When you choose a USERNAME that will be your login information and also your web address. https://my.tupperware.com/pyr_core/subscriptions/pricing

Once you make this choice there will be a pop up box that will ask for your consultant ID and your password. You will need to enter that to proceed. If you get an error message please wait at least 24 hours and try again. If that does not work then please call Tupperware customer care at 1-800-887-7379 and give them your consultant ID and then they can look into the issue. It sometimes takes at least 24 hours for your information to be ready in the system.

Your Consultant ID: (Ask your recruiter for this number if it was not emailed to you)
Your Password: Your Last 4 digits of your Social Security Number

Once you choose your website option you will want to bookmark this page as this is your Web Office where you will login with your username and password from now on to learn what’s going on with Tupperware, and place your orders: https://my.tupperware.com

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