Tupperware offers a Warranty with every product. When you have an item that is covered under our warranty, follow the Step by Step Warranty instructions to replace the product.

Take advantage of Tupperware’s SMS text service for looking up mold numbers!
Simply send the keyword “MOLD” followed by the mold number to TWARE (89273) to receive information on a product based on the mold number. For example, MOLD 5107 TWARE.

Active products: If the item currently is active, the application will send you the item description, item number and item price. If more than one product is associated with the same mold number, the application will send back information on all of the items available for that mold.
Obsolete products: If the item is an obsolete product, the application will send the item description, mold number and obsolete credit amount.
You also may request multiple mold numbers at the same time. For example, MOLD 5107 4922 TWARE.

If you need further help finding a replacement product, contact customer care at (888) 921-7395.